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"If we forget what used to be, then we’ve lost an ability to really be sensitive to our surroundings." —Maya Lin

For Earth Day, watch how Maya Lin encourages viewers to look more closely at their immediate surroundings and the natural world through a pair of episodes from Art21’s Exclusive series, featuring installation views of her 2013 exhibition, Maya Lin: Here and There, at Pace Gallery, New York, 2013.

Maya Lin: New York
Maya Lin: Disappearing Bodies of Water

IMAGES: Production stills from the Art21 Exclusive episodes, Maya Lin: New York and Maya Lin: Disappearing Bodies of Water. © Art21, Inc. 2013.


Detailed Stencil Street Art by Jana & JS


Earth Day with David Byrne: David Byrne's Tight Spot, presented under the High Line in 2011, is an inflatable audio installation of low frequency pulses, tremors, and rumbles which emanate from the 40-foot globe. Byrne has commented on the phenomenon of “humans squishing their planet,” noting that Earth is no longer a “planet of clouds, deep blue oceans, beige deserts and swaths of green jungle.” Read more about Byrne’s installation here